Does filtering beer lead to high levels of Arsenic?

Filtration of beer has had the big stick in recent times. Now, a new study has show that there is twice the level of Arsenic in filtered beer than water. We’ll look at the issue of filtration here and try to piece it all together.

High Levels of Arsenic in Beer

Beer enthusiasts may be alarmed at hearing that crystal clear beer filtered using the most common method worldwide may have higher than normal arsenic levels.

A recent German study showed that many filtered beers have levels of arsenic twice that of drinking water.

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How Should You Prepare For Homebrewing?

The foundation of good beer starts with good cleaning practices and good sanitisation. There is really no room for shortcuts or compromised hygiene. This short video will show you some of the important steps needed to start to make good beer. Watch this video below to learn about hygiene and why it is important and how to achieve it.

Does Beer Really Get Better With Age?

Many brewers believe that home brewed beer gets better with age. Are you seeing the whole picture or is there more to the story?

Some people say that beer should be drunk fresh, others say that you should mature the beer weeks and even months before drinking it. Just what is going on  and why is there such a divergence of opinion. Like astro-physics where there always seems to be a missing piece of information in our understanding of the Universe perhaps we are missing some vital piece of information in the debate to good tasting craft beer.

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Should you use additives or preservatives in your beer

One way microbrewers make a distinction between themselves and mass produced commercial beers is that they insist they do not dilute malt flavours by using adjuncts (other sources of sugar apart from those derived from malt) and no preservatives are used. While that may be true and it a common marketing theme, and a good one apparently, there is always a risk to the viability of the business. How so? … Read more

Is Beer giving you beer belly?

Busting the beer belly myth Does drinking beer really give you a “beer gut”? See what the latest research has to say. The “Irish Central” reported that getting a beer gut is not necessarily the fault of drinking beer. In fact it goes as far as saying that in moderation beer can be beneficial to health. You can read the full report and view the video here. So its no … Read more

Is beer giving you the beer belly?

Source: Does drinking beer really give you a “beer gut”? See what the latest research has to says. Recent studies have found that beer is not necessarily the cause of the extra padding you may have around your midsection. In fact, beer has been found to have certain nutritional benefits while enjoyed in moderation…. » Read More

Masterbrew Course Outline

This is a typical 4 day Course outline. It is run over 4 consecutive days. The order may vary slightly from city to city. Day 1 Start– 8.30 am Short overview of grain brewing The 13 Myths Dispelled The 8 secrets to making good beer All about Malt Malting and Adjuncts All about Hops Day 2 Yeast, & Fermentation Mashing Designing a Beer Hygiene, Bottling, kegging  & filtration Day 3 … Read more

Essentials Brewing Course Outline

This is a typical one day course content and may vary slightly from city to city. This course is an outline to grain brewing and an excellent prelude to the more in-depth 4 day Masterbrew Course.   Start – 8.30 am Overview of grain brewing Malt, yeast, hops, water Hygiene, bottling the 3 common mistakes Build your own Home brewing system- different types and costs Tasting faults in craft beers- … Read more