Brewing Consultants & Brewing School

Microbrewing– starting a microbrewery or own one?

We offer professional services to get you going from planning, procurement of the finest equipment, to commissioning and scientific training. We also audit your current setup.

Want to start your own microbrewery? Then see how we provide the necessary steps to making your dream a reality.

Homebrewing– want get started or want to improve your homebrewing to make better beer?

We offer unique short brewing courses in Australasia at a city near you. And also bridging courses if you want to start your own microbrewery or brewpub.

Hospitality – With the burgeoning increase in beer styles arising from the craft beer scene there is a need to understand the different styles and basics about how they are made, proper storage and dispense so that the barman and seller of these new world beers can “walk the talk”. Learn the what, how, why and when in the perfect course for your staff in the one day brewing course.  

Brewing Course Programs

One Day – Beer Brewing Essentials

(Fee  Aus$550)  – View Course Content


About This Course

Do you want to know what the 4 mistakes most brewers make? Avoiding these mistakes will get you well on your way to making great home brewed beer.

See how it feels to make great beer at home that your friends and family will enjoy and comment on your skills.

Learn the basics to making all grain beer and see how your understanding improves in this all-round 1 day brewing course. This course is a prelude to the popular and enlightening 4 day Masterbrew course.

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3 Day – Masterbrew Brewing

(Fee from Aus$1550)  – View Course Content


About This Course

Learn about the 8 secrets to making great beer.

This course will turn you from an ordinary brewer to an exceptional one, even if you have been brewing for some time. Dispel the 13 myths that abound in homebrewing and learn how to put all the pieces together to get the right brewing picture.

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Platinum Premium Package (for Entrepreneurs)

Learning how to brew correctly is critical to making excellent, consistent beer.

Knowing how to apply your knowledge on a large scale and knowing how to set up a microbrewery is another thing.

That’s why I’ve developed the all NEW Platinum Premium Package for the serious entrepreneur.

To book, click from one of the Masterbrew course buttons above and then select the Book NOW and follow the prompts.

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Silver Lining VIP group enrollment for 2 or more students

When you enroll together with a mate  or 2 you both receive the following bonuses;

  • Entitlement to 5% discount each
  • Free Brewing book worth $40
  • Have a brewer free; advice 1 hours after the course on homebrewing ($200)
  • Total package value  is $535