Is Beer giving you beer belly?

Busting the beer belly myth

Does drinking beer really give you a “beer gut”?

See what the latest research has to say.

The “Irish Central” reported that getting a beer gut is not necessarily the fault of drinking beer. In fact it goes as far as saying that in moderation beer can be beneficial to health.

You can read the full report and view the video here.

So its no wonder that beer has received a bad name over the decades. The 6 o’clock swill obviously didn’t help with beer’s image either. Images of drunken men wandering out of smelly pubs after having their fair share of beer after work was no doubt an ugly scene. What the wives has to put up with!

But the image of beer is thankfully changing with the introduction of craft beer worldwide. Many more craft enthusiasts out there drink for the taste and aroma in the plethora of beer styles which were hidden from the public for a long time. Thankfully the apparent high cost of craft beer means that no-one really drinks them until they are out of their mind. Furthermore the trend to food and beer matching is leading to a new revolution in responsible drinking, much like the wine industry did a few decades ago.

However, with the explosion of the craft beer scene has come other myths that abound amongst drinkers and home-brewing enthusiasts.

Some of these myths arise because of mis-information about how to brew beer. Things such as:

  • beer becomes better with a certain amount of aging,
  • sodium metabisulphite is a poor sanitiser,
  • bleach is a good sanitiser,
  • mashing in at 67-68 °C is optimum temperature,
  • doesn’t matter that we get oxygen in the beer during bottling as the yeast will use it up
  • Pasteurisation removes flavour
  • Filtration removes flavour
  • avoid preservatives and additives (including Calcium) at all cost
  • adding table sugar gives you “kit tang”
  • boiling wort will kill bacteria so no need to clean effectively after mashing/lautering

So what? you may be asking. I still produce “good beer”.

Well it is like all trades. I can change a washer in a leaking tap but I didn’t know why the tap was hard to turn and shut off and couldn’t figure out how to fix and clean the spindle. And, I suppose, I can live with that or find out from a professional how to fix the problem. When I was shown after many years of struggling with the issue I am now grateful to have learnt how to totally renovate a leaking tap. I could have saved throwing away hard to turn taps.

Same with brewing, we can drink the beer we make but put up with the hit and miss affair of producing great, consistent beer every time.

That’s why the short brewing courses were developed, to remove the hit and miss affair we have with our brewing. Remove the many years of frustration and learn from one of the courses now available all around Australia and New Zealand.

You will be amazed at the amount of knowledge and practice you receive on one of these courses.

Like Wayne who just completed the latest 4 day Masterbrew course you too can say;

“Great knowledge, having brewed before, I got insight on things I didn’t know about. My brews will be better and my processes more efficient, score 9/10”

So like the beer belly myth, dispel all brewing myths by doing a myth busting brewing course that’s right for you.