Great Beers and Great Food

Costanzo Brewing and Short Courses

The Good Beer Week is all about beer and the celebration of the amber nectar and more. Paul Hogan coined the term the Amber Nectar when referring to Fosters in commercials of some 2 decades ago.

But a lot has happened since then and there is now an explosion of choices in beer to out rival even wine in flavours available to the discerning drinker. And beer choices are still growing with no end in sight.

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Whats Your Worst Brewing Disaster?

Let us know your worst disaster and the best story will be published in the next edition of Better Brews Newsletter and the winner of the published story will win $100 off the price of a short homebrewing course.

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The microbrewing industry in the next Decade

Why am I so passionate of the Craft Brewing Industry?

Well, the reason I’m in the microbrewing game is that I saw a need to improve the standards of the industry (I may be accused of being arrogant but those that know me know that that is not the case). It is out of a sincere desire to see the industry I’m so passionate about improve the quality and consistency of beer so that we can all become prosperous and raise the name of beer.

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Why analyse beer, after all its just a hobby?

Many homebrewers enjoy making beer as a hobby.Some of those end up becoming more serious about their brewing and want to learn more, eventually becoming microbrewers. The question of why, when, what and how to analyse your beer becomes a vexing one.
Read on if you would like some of these questions answered.

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When is craft beer not craft beer?

Q. When is Craft Beer not Craft Beer?

A. When a large brewer takes over brewing a “craft beer?”

Are you repulsed and offended by the big brewers offering of what they call Craft beer? There are always 2 sides to a story and we discuss them here.

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Is beer reaching the consumer in its most pristine condition and served the right way?

Are we being served beer at a pub or restaurant that is of inferior quality due to the ill-informed publican or restaurateur?

See the answers below if you are at all a concerned drinker.

A brewer goes to great lengths to make good quality and good tasting beer only to find that once it leaves the brewery it often is out of the hands of the brewer in how it’s handled and served.

Just what is the right way to handle and store beer and how should it be served?

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Why Should You Filter Craft Beer? (does it not remove flavour?)

Filtration of Beer

In Australia and most of the western world the majority of beer has beer filtered for many decades to a crystal clear consistency. The consumer’s expectation was that cloudy beer was thought to be inferior in quality and so demanded clear beer.

However, with the advent of craft beers things are changing. There appears to be a movement to the exact opposite where beers are not filtered at all.

One of the driving forces to this is that it is believed that yeasty beer is far more flavoursome and natural. But is this all that is to the story?

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