Craft Brewery Equipment- Read this before you Purchase

Choosing correct Microbrewery Equipment is so important

Setting up a pub, craft or micro brewery is a mean task. Trying to do it all yourself can lead to many traps which ultimately can be more costly and lengthen the time taken than it should had you consulted professional advise. You not only miss your deadline for brewing you lose sales because of wrong selection of equipment and lack of coordination of the project. In addition, your quality can suffer to the point that the beer produced is compromised by the selection of inappropriate equipment. Our motto is “Do it right. Do it once”

The 3 major aspects to consider when planning to start a microbrewery are:

  • Selecting appropriate and correct equipment
  • Using good quality ingredients
  • Learning to use that equipment correctly according to scientific principles

Trying to sort all this out yourself can be akin to picking up pieces of a of jigsaw puzzle which have been thrown in the bin and sorting out the pieces to make them fit retrospectively. And some pieces are missing. The result can be a lengthy process and inappropriate at best! Your beer suffers in consistency and you suffer as a result that you have to deal with the equipment on a daily basis that, frankly, is not suited to the task. As a result, sales will drop and eventually the doors close. I have seen this happen to microbreweries.

CBC can supply, install and commission microbreweries or pub breweries from 3 hL size upwards to 50hL. A complete turnkey operation. Choice of suppliers ensures you get the best solution for your situation.

We work to find the best cost effective solution for your requirements, not retrofit a particular suppliers product to your needs. With over 45 years combined hands-on experience in the brewing industry we believe this gives us the leading edge. We look at the end in mind and use our experience to select the equipment and design based on quality and consistency. For your initial consultation please contact us.

The 7 major key benefits in providing our equipment

  • Cost effective and modular in design
  • Designed to your needs
  • Efficiency designed to improve your bottom line
  • Can be installed in buildings with limited space and in multi-storied buildings
  • All electrical components comply to Australian standards
  • Uses 304 Stainless Steel
  • Equipment guaranteed

The 9 services we provide

We have now formed a new company, Precision Brewing Systems Pty., Ltd.,  focusing purely on providing highly professional services aimed at:

  • working closely with suppliers to design, plan and advise on your requirements
  • working out a brewing schedule and appropriate sized brewery
  • designing recipes to your specifications
  • providing cost effective QC services or procure equipment to set up your laboratory
  • advising on brewing techniques and supply training of staff in production and laboratory
  • providing a troubleshooting service and offer ongoing support
  • having availability of equipment from multiple manufactures to suit your requirements
  • Providing full after sales service and support
  • Providing similar service in other countries (see example of Bali below)

For more information send for our 1 page brochure and see how we benefit you and why we are different.

Before you buy equipment you can download the “12 Fundamental Steps to consider when starting a Microbrewery” from here.


Please ask for a full list of breweries installed in Australia and overseas

We also help you set up your brewery and even do the first brew with you.

Please enquire for more details. Call us on 0408104176.