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Resuming Face-to-Face Masterbrew course in Melbourne

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It’s no Longer a Secret to Successful Brewing

But Do You Know the 7 Proven Keys  to brew better beer consistently? …

Let us show you why you could be brewing better beer consistently in our absorbing and enlightening 4 day Masterbrew course

For a quick overview why not consider the 1 day Essentials course first

See table below for all video-conferencing course details

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Which Course To Take?

This depends on you current experience.

  1. Do you have some limited homebrewing experience? Then book the 1 day Essentials Course
  2. Have you brewed at home for some time and feel competent but need more nitty gritty details? Then do the 4 day Masterbrew course
  3. Have completed the Masterbrew course and are now ready to start a Microbrewery. Then do the Platinum Premium Package.

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Group bookings for the Masterbrew course (2 or more) entitles all to a discount. To qualify for this you should enroll all under the Silver package.

Platinum Premium Package- Starting a Microbrewery Course (for Entrepreneurs and potential Microbrewers)

Once the 4 day Masterbrew course is completed you are eligible to enroll for This special package.

This is a bridging course to actually getting ready to start your own microbrewery.

It is largely self directed using a comprehensive document, based on the extensive experience of the author and Masterbrewer, Vincent Costanzo. You will have opportunity to interact with Vincent once you have gone through the document or at any stage,

Are You Interested?

Want to know What’s Covered?

What’s included in the MASTERBREW Course – 3 consecutive days

What’s included in the ESSENTIALS Brewing Course – 1 day preceding the 4 day Masterbrew course

What’s included in the Platinum Premium Package– Starting Your Own Microbrewery Course


For further details and enrollments click on the hyperlinked courses in the following table.

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Course name Courses   Dates Venue Cost Enroll
Start your micobrewery Platinum Premium Package   on-going On-Line- Australia $2500  
All Grain Courses
One Day Brewing   Essentials please enquire





‎Zoom Video Conferencing












PascoeVale, Melbourne     

3 Day Masterbrew please enquire from $1550
Silver Lining Package please enquire $1550
3 Day Face-to-face Masterbrew May 21, June 4, 2023 $1580
All Grain Courses



One Day Brewing Essentials   Zoom Video Conferencing $550
3 Day Masterbrew   from $1550
Silver  Lining Package   $1550

All Grain Courses

(See Melbourne/Perth Couses)

One Day Brewing Essentials   Suspended    
3 Day Masterbrew    
Silver Lining Package    
Advanced All Grain Brewing 1-on-1 ADV1-on-1 Time negotiable
on application
Zoom Video Conferencing      l From $1980 Open

As a home-brewer or micro-brewer you can eliminate almost all problems by understanding just what to do when it comes to brewing good, consistent beer.

  • You can spend weeks making and preparing a batch of beer and so you can’t afford for your beer to turn out bad.
  • Avoid learning from trial and error which can be a long and agonising process.
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Gift Voucher Brewing Experience  

Are you looking for that special experience to gift to someone special?

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Why You Should do These Home Brewing Courses

There are numerous brewing courses around but these courses are designed by an experienced Masterbrewer and the courses are condensed into simple and easy short courses that don’t require many weeks or longer to complete. 
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Why Is Vince Best Qualified to Deliver these Courses?
Vincent has over 3 decades of brewing experience and is well regarded in the industry as a masterbrewer at the highest level of brewing.
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What the Masterbrew Courses Cover

The homebrewing courses relate to practices used in commercial brewing, and so cover topics such as raw material quality, designing your own beer (3 day course), how to conduct a taste assessment, and little know subjects as filtration, etc.

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The 12 Highlights You’ll Get From the Masterbrew Courses

  • just what does it mean and how do you get consistent beer? The 4 day course tells you how to achieve consistency. Once you find out there is no going back to the old ways.

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