Brew Better and Save Money in your Craft or Micro Brewery

Brewery Cost Savings

Once you have selected the right equipment achieving and maintaining product integrity becomes the single biggest challenge a brewer has to deal with. Get this wrong and the beer consistency becomes variable and consumers sense a change with sales spiraling downwards.

We have over 25 years experience in the brewery industry. Product consistency and ways of improving quality and reducing production costs are a high priority.

Not only is quality important to the viability of the business, reducing costs simultaneously makes for a more prosperous business, and good business sense.

In today’s cut-throat business world one must look at maximising sales while reducing costs.

Key Benefits of CBC

Capabilities of CBC

Profitability can be improved by producing exceptional beer of consistent quality at reduced costs.

Achieving this goal requires specialised knowledge and advice, and a realistic level of investment in time and capital equipment.

Quality Control (QC) is the starting point but knowing how to relate this back to the process and plant capabilities is vital to achieving this goal. Vincent Costanzo, Principal of Costanzo Brewing Consultants, has worked, for over 25 years, in analysing brewing problems and has supervised and controlled both large and small breweries.

Vincent spent 10 years improving profitability and investigating some difficult quality issues for Carlton & United Breweries at Abbotsford, Kent Brewery in Sydney, Yatala Brewery in Queensland and Matilda Bay Brewery in W.A. by applying QC, Research and Development (R&D) in association with plant trials. The combination of QC with production outcomes forms the basis for improved profitability and quality. Without doubt, commercial brewing practices and knowledge can be applied to small microbreweries, and homebrewing as well.

Of course, correctly marketing the beer is of outmost importance but this comes to nil if the consistency and quality of the beer is lacking.

To take advantage of the opportunities to increase profitability through improved quality and reduced running costs, a plant audit can be conducted to highlight these relevant areas. Setting up a QC program and a tasting program will enable a brewer to improve consistency and hence profitability. In addition, further education is not only imperative but forms the foundation of good brewing practice. CBC provides varying levels of brewing short courses to further your knowledge.

The result of these simple but essential steps is good quality, consistent beer and at minimal production costs.

For micro-brewers setting up a new brewery or pub-brewery appropriate equipment can be sourced and installed and the services detailed above can then be incorporated. This total service is offered as a package, or as individual items to suit the brewer.

Fees are competitive and value for money is offered. The investment in knowledge and little capital can result in long term and continuing profits.

All work is guaranteed for
a period of 3 months.

Summary of Capabilities

  • Improve profitability- analyse unit processes and identify and optimise processes and raw material usages
  • Quality Control- analytical service provided through Holmesglen Tafe College
  • Troubleshooting- find that fault and rectify it
  • Setting up laboratories- qualified industrial chemist
  • Setting up breweries- agent for imported equipment and installation and commissioning of brewing equipment
  • Knowledge Transfer- see short home brewing courses


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