Brewery Audit & Problem Solving

Brewery Audit & Problem Solving

Many Craft or Micro breweries are put together initially on a budget.  This means that there is an inherent compromise not only on the possible quality and consistency of the beer produced but makes for a laborious work day which the brewer has to put up with day in, day out.

There are enough challenges making beer even with good equipment but the task becomes a very laborious one when the equipment is not up to the minimum specification required to producing good beer. In fact, it is really false economy as the brew day is legthened and so energy, resources and labour costs are higher than what they need to be.

Problems with hygeine arise because of poorly designed or inappropriate equipment being used. Other processing problems are accentuated by the use of inappropriate equipment or lack of knowledge. Inexperienced brewers can sometimes fail to see the inherent problems and even may not know what to do to improve the current situation.

CBC offers brewery audits and can find inherent problems that must be addressed in order to improve quality and consistency. We guarentee all work and can show you that by hiring us we will not only improve the quality and consistency of your beer but the audit costs can be recooped within a very short time.

Feel free to contact Vincent by Email or directly by phone on +61 (0)408 104 176 to find out how you can both improve your bottom line and quality of your beer.

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