What is Microbrewing?

The term microbrewing refers to those craft brewers brewing commercial beers that have flavour and have no boundaries as to what they produce.

It may conjure up visions of artisan, boutique, handmade beer, full of flavour and usually associated with a local story.

This artistic impression is a strong, well held one both by the brewer and those consuming the final product.

Although Art is a prominent thought in producing craft beers one must understand that there is a very important underlying science which if ignored will only lead to poor quality and sometimes foul tasting beer.

Scientific guidance and mentoring is hard to find on the internet. It is the intention and vision of the author of this page to spread the word about how and indeed why we should seek proper scientific principles in brewing better beer.

The author’s vision is to help the next generation of craft brewer get a better handle on quality and how to maintain freshness of the product to a level far beyond what may be considered normal today.

It is with this aim that the author’s extensive experience in the brewing industry is used to advantage for the benefit of this relatively new industry.

So enjoy having a look at the microbrewing section of this website and why and how we can really help you and those already in it plan and excel for your future.

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Vincent Costanzo
B.Sc., M.Sc.

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