Analyse Your Beer

Homebrewers and microbrewers would benefit from monitoring their beer in terms of basic analytical requirements. Compare your flavour profiling with hard results which will help in honing in on the right balance you want for your beer.

The 6 Key Benefits

  • Cost effective way of testing your beer
  • Know what your beer quality is like
  • See what brewing parameters need to be changed in order to get closer
    to the beer you want
  • Best way to know that you can achieve consistent beer quality time and again
  • Train your taste buds to know what you are tasting
  • Enter your beer into competitions knowing it is correctly representative of the style of beer


The following beer analyses are offered, courtesy of Holmesglen Tafe College and Costanzo Brewing Consultants. If you prefer to analyse your own beer then check out the Beer Laboratory Setup page.

Fee for Beer Analyses

Analyses List

  • Colour (spectrophotometer)
  • Alcohol content (GC)
  • Bitterness (spectrophotometer)
  • Haze
  • pH
  • SO2 level
  • Microbiological
    – Yeast and bacterial qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Organoleptic analysis (Flavour profiling)
  • Other as requested



  • $32.00 per sample

Alcohol analysis

  • $45.50 per sample


  • $38.00 per sample


  • $25.00 per sample


  • $12.00 per sample
    (accurate, 3 decimal places)


(includes wild yeast & bacteria, and Lactic
acid bacteria)

  • $79 each
  • $39 each (Lactic Acid only)

Organoleptic analysis

(Tasting assessment)

  • $49 per session, up to 3 samples
  • Extra samples $11 each


  • $35 per sample

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice. Please check prices at time of analysis.

#(prices excluding GST)