Platinum Premium Package

You will get a head start on starting your own microbrewery that will deliver not only the right quality beer and get you making it with the right equipment but guide you in those early preparation steps to do with business models, licensing, business plans and setting up protocols in the brewery!

This package aims to deliver the following 13 critical items;

  • the 12 steps to staring your own microbrewery
  • discussing your business model and 3 year plan
  • future expansion and how it will affect your quality and shelf life and associated costs
  • how business model affects your procedures and equipment needed
  • how to build your recipes and we will work through the first 3
  • which are the “best” suppliers of raw materials and cleaning chemicals
  • determine a maintenance and cleaning schedule program, which depends on where you are
  • supply brewing templates and how to use them to your advantage
  • setup a quality assurance program and small laboratory
  • how to calculate critical parameters in the brewery
  • Look at your local water quality
  • what to do to set up a trade waste and effluent system
  • minimising losses and increasing profits

How the Package will be delivered

  1. extensive notes given on subjects above and then 1-on-1 consultation by phone, Skype or in person to discuss your personal situation and plan out a course of action.
  2. This program consists of up to 3 hours working with you 1-on-1 after the course and spread over one month.
  3. You will be guided in the things required to set up and preparation for your brewery
  4. Pre-requisite if the 3 day Masterbrew course