Beer Laboratory Setup

There are many facets to starting a new craft brewery or pub brewery. Of course quality and consistency of your beer is paramount. And none more impotant than being able to measure the quality of your brew.

Many brewers forget this important facet and then produce beer of inconsistent and sometimes with poor flavour. Lets face it. Quality costs money and no amount of tasting of the end product can prepare you to producing consistent beer. Along with tasting you need to be able to measure the key parameters for each and every brew. And measure with instumentation!

Hand held pH meter

There are no short cuts available if you want your business to grow and even survive. The customer knows when he finds the beer tasting different one week from the next. He will then stop trying your beer and you lose not one customer but six because bad news travels like wildfire. So, consistency is in some respects more important than the taste itself!


The key parameters that need to be measured when making beer are;

  • pH
  • density or specific gravity
  • alcohol (ABV)
  • volume of package
  • Bitterness
  • Colour
  • Disolved oxygen
  • Carbonation

There are others but these are the minimum required.

A small laboratory is essential to a microbrewery so provision should be made in the planning stages. Costanzo Brewing Consultants can assist in setting up the laboratory. With many years experience in this field the right equipment can be sourced and training provided.

If your budget does not allow setting up a laboratory initially then sending your samples to a Tafe institute can be an effective way to controlling your process until you are up on your feet.

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