“That Knowledge is Power “ will not necessarily make you succeed

Attaining knowledge is obviously important in all human endeavours. But what is more important is Acting on that knowledge. But something holds us back from always acting on new found knowledge and wisdom.

In brewing beer we hear it all the time that “I’ve done it that way all my life” so why should I change? Sometimes our ego takes over and when that happens we close our mind to possibilities that would otherwise expand and improve our brewing.

And other times we have self-limiting beliefs (that little person residing in our head) that won’t allow us to exceed our own expectations. Albert Einstein said it well when he said “ Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

EinsteinI have come to realise that those that are successful in brewing (or any other pursuit) push the boundaries of their mind, not just their ability to get things done.

So what makes a successful brewer? I think that the first and foremost response to that question is to look inside your head and heart. Are you committed to your vision and the goals you have set? If so how will you get there and in what time-frame. What is holding you back from even getting started? This can be a spooky question for some and often has to do with your values and beliefs.

Yes, as brewers we all “dream” of owning and running our own brewery but in reality it is small percentage of people that actually do and those that do usually takes several years to get there. I believe if you are serious you need to examine what are your values and beliefs. For example, if you believe that money is evil then you will reach your perceived value and no matter what you do you cannot go beyond that figure you have in your head.

There are many self help programmes that retrain the brain and heart to remove self limiting beliefs. But remember that this is life long program of improvement, not just a one-off quick fix program. If you have ever attended courses to do with your work, you will know that at the time of the course you feel energised and excited only to return back to the way you were before attending the course. Very little changes.

This has happened to me many times It can take many months and years to develop the sort of rock solid confidence that will propel you to success.

There has been much scientific study done in the last generation on how the brain works and how we can change the beliefs we may have be given in our formative years. Look out for good, scientific programmes that can have a great effect on your success. And having a mentor and self help coach can be as important as knowing how to brew consistently great beer.

Re-examine your situation and then commit to doing the right steps at the right time to making the personal improvements needed for you.

For the rest of us we will continue to make good progress.

So, here’s to your success. Cheers.