“ After making quite a few all grain beers in the past 5 years, I am still keen to expand my knowledge of brewing, so when I heard about the advanced brewing course I was very happy to get one of the last spots in Vincent’s Advanced brewing course late last year. The course was well structured and covered all the aspects of all grain brewing to a great depth. During the course, I learnt quite a few techniques and Vincent was happy to share his pearls of wisdom with us students. He has a wealth of technical and industry knowledge from his prior experience . The beer we brewed as part of the course was excellent and a testament to a well planned and executed brew day on a HERMS machine ”

– Regards Roland (18/01/10)

“ Thanks again for running the course, I found it very valuable. I think I might set up my brewery sooner than later so I’ll be in touch ”

– Chris (29/10/09)

“ Thanks for the course & the effort you put in to make it work. I enjoyed each day – in particular the brew day – and am fired up to have a crack at full mash brewing as soon as I can find some time to hunt down the kit I need. And I echo your compliments to Rino and all the crew at Rydges – the location, food, people, bed and attention to our requests was nothing short of excellent ”

– Best Regards, Rurik

“ Vince, thanks for your advice and input during the initial start-up of our brewery – it was really useful having you on board ”

– Anonymous Victorian Micro Brewer (23/4/09)

“ A student of the Brewing School scoops bronze medal in his first attempt at brewing a commercial beer. Michael Opie and associates started a small commercial brewery in 2008 and entered their beer in the prestigious 2009 Australian International Beer Awards and scooped a Bronze Medal. I think my feet haven’t touched ground yet. The award was great and I suppose as brewers we dream of the next brew being the one. Since entering the beer we have tweaked it a little and the balance is much better. We used to dream that we could do what we are doing now. As you know our brew length is small and we are in the process of double batches ,so we can have more to distribute. Your course, I will never forget, it was great times and I met a lot of guys with dreams just like mine. I learnt heaps from your course and for that I thank you ”

– Mick Opie, takeyourselfthere (22/3/09)

“ Halfway through this course so far and would have to say that it’s excellent value. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to make the step to AG but also provides plenty of info for the experienced AGers as well ”

– Anonymous (21/8/08)

“ NMIT has a pretty impressive large scale wine making set up going on so it begs the question that as the popularity of brewing grows then there maybe potential down the track for them to upgrade the facilities for brewing as well. I for one hope it does! ”

– Student, aussiehomebrewer

“ Vince is a very experienced brewer and a nice bloke as well. He came up and did the commissioning run on our DE filter… I learnt a lot from him in that short time and would encourage people to do his course. At that price it’s exceptional value ”

– Ian Watson, Brewer, Mt. Tamborine Brewery (10/7/08)