Introductory Extract Brewing Courses

This entry level course is designed for the home-brewer who has little or  some experience with extract brews and wishes to learn more about brewing techniques to produce a more consistent and good quality beer without having to invest in all grain brewing equipment.

Topics include

  • Malts, Hops, yeast and water and how they affect flavour
  • Brewing with extract to produce a small batch of beer to take home
  • Learn how to clean and sanitise your equipment
  • Learn about identifying beer faults
  • How to bottle
  • And much more

Course details

Venue: Costanzo Brewing School
Address: 22 Westgate St., Pascoe Vale South, Vic 3044 Show Map

Should you have enrollment or class enquiries, please contact Vince Costanzo on 0408 104 176 or by Email.

Course Timetable

Teacher: Vincent Costanzo

Dates Time Topics
see above for 2013 8:30am – 5:30pm

An Overview of the brewing process and differences between extract and grain brewing. Brewing terms. Styles of beer

Malt & Malting. Yeast, Hops. Hygiene and  Bottling.
Tasting and beer faults. Taste some beers and pick out what’s what
Brewing demonstration